La La Land

Hello from La La land where I just had my traditional scone and brew. La La Land because I have been out of it since my crash. Things are getting more defined and clearer but it is not the same as before, like this desire to do 24 hour races this year instead of cross country events. Don’t know where that is coming from.

This week has been rainy and I have been riding indoors.  Yesterday I visited the doc in Victor. I really don’t know that I have any clarification on some questions that I had going in and in fact don’t even know what I want to know. Bottom line, it seems, is that in 4 more weeks we will know if I need some additional methods needed to repair the damage.  I am hoping that in training I can rebuild the ankle and will not need extra methods. Until then … I have to keep the ankle protected from certain movements.

So what’s up this weekend?  I don’t know.  I wanted to volunteer for the road race in the Bitterroot. What is there to do in la La land? Maybe a big road ride tomorrow, any one interested?

Your Thoughts

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