Awesome People

Good morning from Missoula Montana where some say, “I need to spend more time in Missoula”. “We are the Champions” is playing on the radio right now and there is flooding everywhere (Greenough Park is Closed).  Odd song for early in the morning. My foot feels even better this morning and I have received support from my Missoula bike family as well as some remote members. I see two kinds of blogs, one that is basically a account of someone else’s life and the other an editorial about some aspect of life that I share. Today I would like to blog about others.

There is this blog called Fat Cyclist and the writer is a mountain biker.  His wife Susan has recently taken a turn for the worse. Her cancer has spread to become inoperable brain cancer. Susan has been told that she only has months to live, and Elden and Susan have had to pass that news on to their 12 and 14 year old boys and their twin six year old girls. To help you can buy a Fat Cyclist Jersey or donate to a Pay Pal account. Other people are helping by donating proceeds to Susan’s Fight.

Georgia Gould is a elite mountain bike racer who was leading the NMBS #3 when she fell ill with two miles to go.  She had heat exhaustion. This was an important race and these ladies make a living at getting great results for their sponsors.  Some racers gave up their top ten spots to stop and help Georgia who was in real trouble.

“I also really want to thank Monique Sawicki and Heather Ranoa for stopping to help me on the side of the trail (not heeding my exclamations that I was OK which is apparently what I was telling everyone who rode by and asked how I was doing). Both were riding in the top-10 and sacrificed their races to stay with me until help arrived. It was very selfless of of them and that is one of the things that I love about Mountain Biking- those are the kind of people you get to ride and race with.” ~Georgia

So yea! I can attest to the great people that I can say are there for me when I have a little accident. Julie … I am still working on that loaf of bread … Yum! Garland .. cant wait to watch that movie you dropped off.  Ross … that was a good huckleberry shake! I could spend all day remembering the kindness but I better end the blog and get to work. So today I shout out to all these awesome people!

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