Spring in Missoula

Hello from Missoula Montana where spring has arrived in force, but I find myself sick this morning. First off, I need to rant since I quite possibly have a fever and swallowing is like pulling a freight train through a garden hose.

A Good Tip

If you’re sick, say with a sore throat or fever, do not visit or come in contact with someone who is trying to recover from an injury.  That person may find out you made them even more sick and will hunt you down.  That person may even physically hurt you.  Do everyone a favor and stay away!

Recovery Hike

Yesterday morning I took Marcy for a hike to work out the injured ankle (doctor told me to). The sun was out and so were the flowers.  I am not an expert but there was balsam root arrow leaf (something like that) and these purple lavender like flowers. No use correcting me because I really don’t care.  I just like them!

Big Ride

There are more than flowers spilling out onto the scene and the yellow snow in Missoula is this tree that has released all these micro flower things and it looks like snow flurries of yellow.  Weird, and if you leave your sun roof down in the car, it will piss you.

So yea! I went on a two plus hour ride yesterday. I went to Frenchtown and back and the day was so beautiful that I did not notice the huge headwind going out.  The best part is when I got back I found a loaf of bread on my doorstep.  A friend had dropped off something “to aid in the recovery process”.  Best of all, it was still hot … yummy!

So now I sit here sick … humm … what the heck?

Your Thoughts

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