Desert Animals Know The Past

We arrived in a campground and leveled River
Riding into the desert.
Whoa, wait there human. Aren’t you supposed to be moving into Gardiner right now like you were in 2021?
Yea, dude. Same as 2020!
Maybe we will hold onto this until you remember. Are you escaping snow like in 2016?
You must go back … you must go back. In 2015 it wasn’t that bad.
Cummon, let me show you. How to go with the flow like in 2012.
Ssssssss … don’t listen to him. Remember the Bike Accident Weekend in 2012?
Right, I remember how that went down.
Me … down here. I am talking to you. Like my cousin that talked to you in 2002 when you visited your sister.
With all the animals talking to us we decided to go back and eat some steak. Like in 2002 just another day.

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