Bike Accident Weekend Part 1

Hello from Missoula Montana where my headache has awaken me and I feel that I must post a blog to let everyone know I am alright but my usual routine is not as usual. In this episode (Part 1) let me take you to Saturday.

I got up early to put slicks on my bike and to drive to Centerville Montana for the time trial portion of the Belt Road Race Omnium. I was hoping to be late so I could just do the road race because I had a cold and I didn’t feel well.  After driving to Great Falls through some towns like Lincoln where it was only 28 degrees I found that I was in fact on time.  I got all caught up and signed up for the time trail.

I got to catch up with some old friends from Team MuleTerra (did I get this right).  I got to see everyone for the first time since cyclocross season as well.  The time trail started and I prepared for my departure. I was able to snap off a few photos before I had to get in line to start.  My start time was 10:15 and I opted for the mountain bike start (one foot down as opposed to someone holding my saddle).

I thundered out of the start line (sounds cool doesn’t it). I was ramping up my speed and feeling very strong. I was about a couple hundred feet from the start with my head down and my legs ripping the pedals faster and faster when all of a sudden I hit the ground with my head.  Just like that!

I laid on my side unable to see anything or feel anything. I hit so hard that I was stunned and I knew that I was not going to just get up.  Finally the daylight became visible and people came rushing to help me off the course.  All I could do was lay there.

I felt someone put a blanket on me and I knew that I should not move at all because I was not aware if I broke anything.  Slowly I started to feel my arms and legs. I started to slowly move each items and take inventory until I went to move my right leg.

My foot was swelling up quickly and I could feel it filling up my shoes. It did not feel right and I thought maybe it may be broke.  Jed Dennison and some others helped me off the road and to my car where I had a chair to sit on.  I was getting worried as my foot kept swelling. Someone got Ice and we bandaged it up. There was concern over my broken helmet so Jed insisted that I go to the hospital.  I questioned if the ER would be covered by USA Cycling and an official told me that everything but an ambulance would be covered. I did not want the patty-wagon so thankfully Jed found a volunteer to take me to the ER.

So off the the hospital I went in the back of a Subaru. Once there I was taken in and given x-rays.  The attending doctor was real nice and concerned about me. It was nice to get such great care.  Once the x-rays were completed the doctor was happy to say that I did not break my ankle and we celebrated. Then he told me the bad news and how long I would be out of cycling.

Too be continued …. (when I am feeling better).

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