Bike Accident Weekend Part 2

Hello again after another power nap, still laying here in bed, still with a headache.  I feel the need to blog another piece of the story before I pick up with insurance  research that I began to do this morning (if that wasn’t enough to give me a headache).

So there I was at the Hospital and the doctor gave me the exciting news.  It’s not broken … but that I still had one cut tendon (bad sprain), some contusions, and a concussion.  Still dazed I tried to take notes.  The doc said that for three days to put the foot up with 20 minute ice pack.  I was to not even contemplate going anywhere or working.  After three days I could stop elevating and slowly check for movement without bearing any load upon the ankle. If it was not any better to go see a doctor for a follow-up x-ray or MRI. Then for two weeks I can work and slowly regain movement without too much load bearing on the foot. Sounded simple enough.

So with a fresh prescription in hand for some federally regulated drugs I was driven sans back of Subaru to the races site which had moved to Belt for the road race portion of the day.

Jed wanted to keep an eye on me so I was given the chance to lay with my foot up in a wheel car for the junior race.  I remember taking a few photos (seen on this blog) out of the make shift bed but mostly sitting there thinking of what just happened.  Still it all was a little fuzzy.

After the race I sat at my car trying to figure out what I would do next.  A couple friends came over to whish me luck and eventually someone (I really am trying to obtain names since I ant remember) volunteered to drive my beetle, Marcy, and myself back to Missoula.  Whew!  I was wondering how to get home.  Jedzilla (the guy who found a volunteer) came through again.  the guy is a saint.

So I was portaged back home and that is where I will leave off until the next time I feel rested.  So until Part 3 of this saga, take care and ride for me!

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