Bike Accident Weekend Part 3

2008_05_11_belt_rr_and_injury_7 Ok! Enough sleep already. I can not stay awake but then you might say that rest is good right? Where was I … right, so I got home with the help of a great guy named Miles Key a local 5 Valley Velo rider. 

so I got home and I posted a note on my web site that I needed help.  the next day and since then I have had this huge headache so little has got done.  but one thing is for sure I have a great family of friends because suddenly I was being visited and helped by so many people i am overwhelmed.

Since arriving home I have been doing contrast soaks and trying to eat correctly and work on regaining flexibility.  I see a doctor on Thursday and will go from there.  I am in the dark still.  When will I get to ride again?  When can I start training? How much fitness have I lost?

Thank you everyone. I better get some rest … have to work tomorrow.

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