Just Another Snowy Day

I just want to ride in dirt but living at 5,000 feet I am still looking at melting snow.  This must be my bitchiest month because 14 years ago I was griping about the rain in the Just Another Rainy Day post. That is 14 years of May frustrations. 12 years ago I did something about it and moved to Missoula (Trip To Missoula Continued). So I did try and do something about it. 8 years ago I really had something to cry over … Bike Accident Weekend Part 1. But then that is when I found out about trusting friends and realizing I couldn’t do stuff by myself. 4 years ago after learning the value of friends and loved ones I started to Go with the flow. And then last year the pattern to improvement paid off with days like Hyalite Bike. So why am I disgruntle now?  Just shut up and enjoy the ride … right?

Your Thoughts

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