Sunrise https://photos.app.goo.gl/NbvTXTi6a8uSdu7x6

Let me explain the scene. We’ve got wildflowers with some wild lands smoke in the air and the Sun is coming up. It’s this complete round ball of orangish-red. It’s like something you’d see in a Star Wars movie. And it’s rising over a bridge. I totally had to take that picture.

Smoke produces some great colors

Now I got my shoes off and walking through the grass. Enjoying Mother Earth. And her healing powers. Flexing my arm. Now that the inflammation’s being sucked out of me.

The Tetons in the distance

I just saw a bumper sticker. This is SUPPOSSED to be funny? In a nutshell, it is clumping homeless, gay, and sick whales to make a point … that they are all somehow sick and this sticker suggests that the owner is empathetic to them all. What? I really don’t understand this kind of humor.

This seems like a good home

So there is a group of persons that believe that others are not like them are sick. Wow, that’s interesting. Can these people really have empathy if they can not see life with and through others?

The very people that ride these trails …

Okay, transition to the hatred towards people that do not have a home. Sure, some are sick. But more rich people are sick. I am not sick; I don’t think. And I don’t own a home. I don’t want to own a home. I don’t want to have an address. I want to be nomadic. When I reach my goal, they will consider me a problem. What?

Why can’t this be home?

I know I am privileged. That some are in serious trouble and are being really shit on. I know. But I am ranting on others that see people are not like them somehow broken.

VAN! Call the authorities

Heartless compassionless mean people. Argh. Why are people mean? Are people heartless, why do some people step on other people? Why do you step in front of people in line? So you can get something before them? I mean, you see it in nature, birds do it, animals do it. But you know what? We might be animals, but we have developed with a conscience. And compassion. Well, I have these things I feel. Just confused.

A place to hide

I just want to hide from people now. I’m tired of fighting. I see somebody being mean to somebody else. I will step in. But I will hide now. I’m afraid of people. Just weird, humans can be so mean. I mean, people say that children can be mean. Grown-ups can be mean. People just never grow up. Some people never grow up.

What do you see in the mirror?

I will admit that in the past I felt the same as some I feel are mean now. That the homeless were sick, and that is why they are homeless. But I grew up. I still cannot look at some people in the eyes. Maybe I am ashamed. But I grew up.

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