Grand Targhee Bike Park #photography

121 miles and 37,522 feet of plunge. For me Grand Targhee goes back many, many years. I think I was at one of the first Pierre’s hole 100 and got two belt buckles. I’ve always loved this place. Now Grand Targhee hosts one of the best bike parks in America. so when we decided on which bike park to visit this summer we chose Grand Targhee.

We arrived Friday and were excited to hit up the Friday Family Night where you get a lift ticket from 4 to like 6 for $20 bucks. Super fun. We hit up Sidewinder and Bullwinkle right off the bat. Then we hit up multiple runs on Take it on Home and Shoots and Ladders.

Quick Reps

Getting there, cracking a beer, then relaxing until 4 was a treat. I couldn’t just sit around so went for a cross-country ride just to get the juices flowing.

A popular place for Friday Night MTB

And this was just day one. We tucked ourselves into bed with dreams of two more lift access days. I could hardly sleep.

Tall Cool One

He hit the first chair and hit up Tall Cool One to get into the rhythm. It is the super long green cross-country trail from the top. Takes quite a while to get back to the lodge. Once we were back, we had enough turns in to hit bigger stuff.

Rinse and repeat

We hit sidewinder and took the foray into Sticks and Stones. As the day progressed Snuggles was looking more and more ragged. Soon my hands ached. These trails are rough. Downhill trails … um … we were on short travel enduro rigs. We did an extensive ride after Sticks, and then she headed to do some more flow. I hit the lifts to get in as many as I could.

Always ready for an extra excursion

We ended the day just as we did the day previous. Then the next day I repeated. A full day of downhill. The last thing I remember is looking at the lift to confirm they shut it down.

Grand Targhee

She packed me up in the van and drove me home. It is now two days later and I can finally feed myself. That was rough. The final tally was 121 miles and 37,522 feet of descent. I am going back for 4 day’s next time. In two weeks. Im going back.

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