In and around Yellowstone National Park

We call her Charlotte. And I’m having coffee with her today out on the porch. We are waiting for the sun to come up. Inside mr. bear is finding other ways to entertain himself.


Just another day in the office and Gardiner Montana just outside Yellowstone National Park. I wonder where Mo is at right now? Is she in the Hayden Valley doing plots? Or she somewhere near the lake pulling weeds?

Yeah, like that is going to work

What am I going to do today? Well, work obviously. But after work.

So complex, life is

Should I ride here in Gardner? Or should I go up to Paradise Valley and find a ride? Gosh! I sure have a lot of questions.

OMG, decisions

Maybe a cup of coffee could clear things up. This one doesn’t seem to do the trick. But as we all know two cups of coffee doesn’t make you any more brilliant than one cup of coffee. One cup doesn’t do it then we habituate you and it will make no difference so. That’s a bummer.

It’s more complex than you think

Should I quit coffee for a week? Should I just grab another cup of coffee?

Kind of early isn’t it Mr bear?

Gosh, questions again. Who has answers for all these questions?

A beautiful tool perhaps

Wait, what day is it?

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