Lunch Ride

Nothing like taking a short break from work to go on a lunch ride with a buddy. Even more, better is that it is spring. Seems like all I want to do is get out there. Today is supposed to be stupendously sunny and warm. Gosh, talk about torture. We have to pack and sell things today. Maybe we can squeeze out a couple short breaks.

The plan today is to post everything on craigslist so that in my final week here we can recoup some mullah. Maybe even enough to get a loft bed for our small space. Oh, did I mention that Snuggles is outta here after this weekend? Yep, gone back to work in Yellowstone. So buckle down we must.

We are looking to sell a brand new air compressor, speakers, antique movie projector, backpack, framed prints, washer, tons of bike gear, wheelsets, full bed mattress, and basically anything one can walk into our place and point at. All must go. Except for the bike … which I need for my lunch rides.

Your Thoughts

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