Old Friend Spring

When visiting Missoula we also discovered someone, an old friend you might say, that we have been missing for a while. Spring. The sun was out and we were able to go out hiking with friends and just enjoy the outside without bundling up and worrying about mud and snow and ice. Yes, spring.

Spring Appearance
Taken in a friends yard in Missoula

As we get into the meat and potatoes of our downsizing for the move to Livingston something is happening outside. I’m starting to hear birds and the sun is seeping through the windows, hitting the floor around me. As I decide which things to throw away and which things I’m going to need there are forces outside pulling at me. I open the door and take a look outside. A waft of ground smells hit me in the face and you know what? The air is not cold. Spring is finally in Bozeman.

First Flowers
Taken in a friends yard in Missoula

On our way out the door we are not going to say goodbye to this old friend but take them with us. Yes, summer will be waiting for us at our new apartment. Or may I say our new space? The loft of 400 square feet. Spring is waiting. Will just need to pack up and get out of here so we can live together as one big happy family again.

Your Thoughts

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