The last time we were in Missoula we stayed at some friends house that had this puzzle on the counter. We took the bait and had a tough time with it. We persevered though and after wondering if they set this thing out to see if we would go crazy. The damn thing just had a dozen pieces but was difficult because each one just had one color while some had markings that did not run into others. So no matchups. I turned them all over and completed it rather quickly using the grain in the wood. Cheating, maybe, but I needed to move on.

Now we are moving and it’s all a big puzzle again. Just going through and throwing unnecessary stuff away takes time. I feel like we have been at this puzzle long enough and have started just tossing everything away. Moving into a smaller space us such a great purge. You only take what you need. You match up your lifestyle with the things you need to sustain it. Bikes, parts, and gear. Disregard everything else. Don’t look at the color but its function. It is apparent to me that I just need a bike and the internet.

Cheating, maybe, but we need to move on.

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