Making Life Tiny

I have an interesting idea. And this goes along with our goal to live a downsized life. Like those that live in tiny homes. We could go to the extreme. What about miniaturizing ourselves and everything we own? I think the rent on a mailbox is like so cheap, right? If We Shrunk Ourselves and lived in our own mailbox at the post office perhaps then that would be so economical. So that’s pretty extreme. And really, we haven’t figured out how to shrink ourselves yet. I might be wrong.

But that ties in with what I was thinking about today. The question from snuggles was, “what happens when we do a Costco run? ”

—pausing to learn. Can someone tell me how to punctuate quotes? ‘?”‘ or ‘”?”‘ — oh wait I am not done, how do I punctuate pausing?—

That is true. If our apartment is only 400 square feet then how the heck will we bring groceries in and not clutter up the place? This is why we are renting a storage unit. When we come back from the store we store things in the storage unit. And keep things simple in the apartment.  Like a small warehouse. Makes us feel important to say that we need to check the warehouse.

I mean this is truly just another adventure. I have done Adventures like this and now I have a toolset for such undertakings. But the living in a 400 square foot tiny space… Bring It On. And bring on the sunny side of the pass.

Your Thoughts

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