Before the fall

We were headed down to the pool at Elkhorn Hot Springs. Yes we were a little excited but that was not the cause of the fall. The cause of the fall was that I tried to wear my cushies down. And then I slipped on the ice, spun around, put my arm down, twisted all my fingers back, popped some ligaments, and fell square on my back … then slid down the hill a bit. That was a couple days ago and I am still hurting. Not sleeping and in pain all night and really suffering at work. Probably going to take a sick day tomorrow.

But the entire day before that incident was absolutely fantastic. It had rained and then frozen. And then it snowed. The results were fantastic conditions for fat bikes.

Why is it then … we always remember the bad stuff. Maybe to survive as a species. Yea, if I were to quit my job because all I could think of is the perfect conditions and how much fun fat biking at Elkhorn was, that would not be good.

Your Thoughts

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