The Beetle Made It

It is a fine Monday here in Missoula Montana after a night of sleep in a real bed. At first I didn’t think I could get to sleep. I had just spent two nights under the stars in the great outdoors to find myself wishing I wasn’t home. I just got back from a great weekend in South Western Idaho. All my worries about being stranded in a car that seems to keep breaking down is over and actually it did real well.

I got 34 miles to the gallon much to my relief after Four Seasons Motors told me my catalytic converter and fuel systems were malfunctioning and that I would not get great gas mileage. Its better then ever. Of course every time I get a car and it seems to be working great it breaks down in a big way so I better not toot my horn too loud.

I had two great camping spots, free of course, One along the Salmon River and one on the Payette River.

I had two great rides too. The first was the Coyote Classic Mountain Bike Race and on day 2 I did some exploring to Elk City. The latter was pretty tough considering I raced my ass off on Saturday. I put the knobbiness through a 100 mile torture ride. I then proceeded to head to the next convenience store to wolf down a bag of ruffles.

That’s about all I care to write right now. Getting in some quality rest before hitting the training hard in a couple days.

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