What I Have Been Up To

So there you have it. 3 weeks of me not posting a blog. Sometimes we get a little behind. I have uploaded more photos on Picasa as well and also a video on YouTube. Initially I wanted to post a blog per image because there is a story behind each set. I guess in the interest of time and the need to find work so as to make some cash I will post a condensed version of what has been going on.

It all started with the Grizzly Man Adventure Race when some friends visited for a couple days ending with their departure and my solo bike ride to the start of he climb to Sheep Mountain from the corridor of the Rattlesnake. [big gasp of air] The next weekend I did the Lost Trail Peace Ride where I climbed Lost Trail twice and Chief Joseph once making a peace sign on a map. [big gasp of air]  Went on a TNR we entitled “Dark Side of Patte” where we had to run one of the unfortunates out of the woods before he froze to death. Then not getting enough cold winter weather and the breaking down of my finances to fix my car prompted me to stay in town for the weekend which started with a mine shaft, peanut curry ice cream, and witnessing a great band called Ball and Jack. Whew! [big gasp of air] Finally I did two mountain bike rides (because I love cold weather and getting rained on) out to Turah which on the second day was entitled Alp de Turah because friends proclaimed, “lets just go to that bend that looks like the Alps or something”. [big gasp of air]  Da Bridge!


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