Big Ride Means No Chat Tonight

Hello from somewhere in Montana.  I will be out on a training ride tonight and will not make the unofficial Web Lodge chat tonight.  I know it has been canceled already but once people started showing up.  Now it is an unofficial chat.  Still though, I will be out tonight on a ride that will take me to Clinton … Swartz Creek … Miller Divide … Miller Creek … Missoula.

Click on the image to the right for the Google map or try this [link] for the official Google map. I’ll start out on Route 200 and then to 210 which parallels I90.  Once I get to Clinton I’ll catch the Schwartz Creek Road up to the Miller Creek Divide.  From there it is a burst down into Miller Creek Drainage via Miller Creek Road. The trip is 56.7 miles so I am hoping for a 4 hour affair since most of it is climbing on a loose gravel road.  And did I mention?  I am taking the cross bike “Askia” or as many of you know as “the fetish”.

Have a great day everyone!

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