Back From Lindbergh Lake

Hello from my apartment as I just finish unpacking from the camping trip to a buddies cabin on Lindbergh Lake in the Mission Mountains.  The beargrass is out and the place was absolutely spectacular.  I even found a bit of outstanding single track.  I will post the photos soon, you will have to check back as they are beautiful.

I went up Saturday and spent the night in my friends cabin on the lake. He is building a new lodge and we stayed in his dad’s cabin which I can say that I would be please to live in it as a home.  I really must win the lottery.

Saturday I went for a 2.5 hour ride and found some great singletrack called “Glacier Slough Trail”.  The trail had it all with technical roots and rocks with fields of wildflowers and the Bob Marshall looming to the East. Absolutely stunning stiff.  I saw a cow elk crossing a road at one point of the adventure.

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