Two Victories No Moose

As I approached the summit and my shoulder brushed a tree limb knocking off a bunch of snow I thought to myself that just a month ago we were mountain biking up here. Tonight I hiked University Mountain from town.  After the stout 3 hour hike which included heavy snow I decided to finally get those pictures from last weekends race in Salmon up.

Last weekend I attended two races winning both of them.  The first race was in Salmon Idaho and I went down with my friend Alden. It was a good time with all my friends getting on the podium, hot showers, and a feast at the end.

The second race was Sunday in Couer D’Alene and I went with my friends Ross, Lydia, and Emily.  We slept overnight at a fisherman’s access (I will be getting these pictures up soon).  After a trip into town for some awesome coffee and blueberry scones we proceeded to go to a hot field and race in the Moose Chase.  this race had a great course that we raced one lap on.  I did not see the moose but I raced with the pros and ended up coming in right behind the third place one.

I am very pleased with the results and I had a great weekend of racing.  I have to give credit two My friends and Ross’s daughters who also did races on both days.  It takes some courage and a little ambition to do such a feat.  My helpmate off to them.  Enjoy the pictures and keep the tread to thee trail.

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