Bike Season Nears End

As I plan Starry Night Rides, which are coming up next week I am sad to say that the days of riding in the daytime are nearing the end for this year. Barring some more rides on the weekends and riding to work the ol bike will roll at nighttime with my Starry Night Rides. The snow is creeping down the mountains and into the valleys so it may be that I join my ridding buddies at the Kettle House to fantasize about next years rides.

It's raining this morning and here I am back at the Break Espresso. What is new at the Espresso? Not much, doors and actually a door dampener so you don't have to close the door “Gently”. Today is payday and I am so for behind in my Life Chores that maybe it is a good thing it is raining.

Last nights TNR Party was great with a large turnout. It was sad to see my friends that I have sweated the summer away with climbing mountains on a bike and cruising the singletrack with. Oh well maybe … just maybe I will see someone at next weeks night ride.

Your Thoughts

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