Festival Of The Dead Parade

The coffee at the Break Espresso has returned to just a dollar and even tastes better. I think maybe they are using a better bean or something. Things get better with age just like the Festival of the Dead Parade, which happened last night here in Missoula. I hope to post pictures soon of the festivities. Last year it was a good experience and this year I was prepared to take it all in. I camped out near El Cassador with my camera. I did not get the photos I wanted but I did get a few. There were so many people there with cameras and equipment better than mine so I was feeling equipment conscious and put away my spirit stealer. I did capture a couple spirits though. The highlight was the drum circle with dancers and a rhythmic beat that stayed with me as I pedaled home on my bike. Tonight is the Thursday Night Rides Party so I hope to get some plans together today for a Night Ride Series.

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