Spiders and Smoke

[image]The sun is shining this morning and the wind has shifted to the East. The air quality really improved last night and I was able to really ride well on the Trail of Tears. Tonight I hope to ride Point 6 and Snow Bowl but what happened last night might prohibit that. In any case my car has the bike on the back and after work I am ready to go on another good ride.

Last night I took my sheets off and comforter from my bed to discover a spider. To make things worse I found another shortly after. I sprayed the bedroom top to bottom with the only thing I have that sprays, Lysol. With the bedroom fumigated I sat up and watched TV until the room cleared out. When I could go into the room I could not sleep. I was up till 5 AM and after two hours of sleep I am at work.

Boundaries come to mind all of a sudden. Having and setting good limits is connected to all aspects of regaining control over well being … growing in self-esteem, learning to really love, and self-value.

Boundaries emerge from inside our own minds. They are connected to being able to letting go of unhealthy items like guilt, shame, and deprivation of needs. As my thinking this morning about this is put down here in my blog, this all becomes clearer and so will my boundaries I hope.

I believe boundaries are connected to a higher power and when I set a limit, Ill do it when I am ready. Let go let “higher Power”, right? And … so will everyone else.

So I am hoping for some kind of magic about reaching this point of realization about setting limits. I should stick to it too so that every one else will know that I mean what I say and will take me seriously. I think this may be an issue of importance to me. Things will change, not because I am controlling others, but because I will control myself with some healthy limits.

Ok now I am getting lost in my ramblings. For today I am going to trust that I will learn, grow, and set the limits I need in my life at my own pace. When I am ready, at my own pace.

Your Thoughts

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