What feels good

[image]Today let us talk about saying yes. If you are like me you punish yourself buy not saying yes to what feels good and what you want.

Today I want to go on a trip with the Rocky Mountaineers in Glacier Park. I am excited about it yes and it sounds like great fun. Just a few moments after feeling this I began to think about why I should not go. No gas money, no equipment, and no camping fee money. This kind of thinking is wrong and we have to get some freaking control over it.

Say yes to fun, what a novel idea. Other examples are saying yes to meetings, calling friends, asking for help, relationships, people, and activities. I feel like instinctively I want to say yes to certain things; maybe it is a nudge from my higher power. This trip feels good and right. It sounds like a whole lot of fun. I am going!

What is the benefit of this decision? Well as I plan to do it I realize that they are camping at a free campsite for two nights so all I have to come up with is gas. If I can go with someone from here I may be able to split that expense. Wow, now I am excited. From now on I want to remember to say yes to all that feels good and right.

Your Thoughts

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