Sidewinder, 2Larch, 3Larch

Missoula is starting once again to become the much dreaded smoke filled community as fires are erupting everywhere. Again! Some idiot set like 12 fires along-side Interstate 90. Three fires have also started by Lake Como. Although we saw the fires in the distance it did not deter the Thursday Night Group Ride as we hammered the trails out near Woods Gulch.

Around 6 of us as we set out from the Lincoln Hills Drive trail head and did Sidewinder first and then the others. It was hot, very hot. I started out drinking lots of water because my throat kept burning. At one point I thought one person in the group was going to get heat exhaustion.

It was a good ride and only one accident. A new fellow named Rod took one big header and bloodied up his arm.

Tonight is Art Walk and for me it is laundry and grocery day as well. Looking outside I am wondering if Ill be able to go into the woods this weekend let alone go camping.

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