Out 2 Lunch Report

[image]It's another sunny day here in Missoula but a lot cooler that last week. That is why today's outing to Caras Park was delightful. First on the agenda though, was a side trip for my friend Lucy Limberis. She wanted pictures of the warrior sculpture in front of the Adams Center.

I got numerous shots of the warrior and I must say, that sculpture would of made a great Iron Maiden or Judas Priest cover. I got a closer look at the beautifully colored iron icon. I think it is top ten for the sculptures that are my favorite. After the shoot it was off to the Park.

The band was Salsa Loca and they were fantastic. I felt like doing a little salsa out on the grass in front of the stage. I met up with another friend Julie Huck and we discussed tomorrows mountain bike ride. The pizza today (what I had anyway) was the one with bacon and ricotta cheese, I think it is called the Broadway.

After a little fun in the sun I headed back to work. It is hump day folks, time to look forward to the weekend. Get out and mountain bike kiddies before they shut down the trails due to fire danger.

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