A Poem

What were your parents doing at your age?

Asking themselves the age-old questions. For me it is:

Amid the coastal grasses and dead trees,
a marker stands, its colors bright and bold.
It makes me wonder what lies beyond the seas,
and how many stories of life remain untold.

As I gaze upon this marker so grand,
I ask myself what more I have left to do.
Have I lived my life as I had planned,
or do I need to start anew?

With each passing year, the questions grow,
As time marches on, relentless and sure.
But this marker, with its orange, blue, and white glow,
reminds me to seek adventures and more.

So let us take the road less traveled
and leave our fears and doubts behind.
For life is short, and time is unraveled,
but in this moment, true happiness we’ll find.

Your Thoughts

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