WNA 32 – Rollin Fatties up Olsen

Two strong showed up at the WNA number 32. Oh yea, we have been keeping up the weekly tradition. The most people that ever showed is 2 and the least amount of folks were 2. So a steady growth. I didn’t blog about the others because if you read my previous post we are at war and I did not have time to post. Let’s see there was WNA 16 The Lever, WNA 17 The Lolly Pop Run, WNA 18 Palisades Fat Bike, WNA 19 Urban Legend Fat Bike, WNA 20 Sourdough Fat Bike, WNA 21 Urban Fatties, WNA 22 Rollin Fatties in the Hood, WNA 23 Rollin Fatties After Work, WNA 24 Rollin Fatties Again, WNA 25 Snow Canyon Fat Bike, WNA 26 Rollin Fatties After Work II, WNA 27 Rollin Fatties After Work III, WNA 28 Rollin Fatties After Work IV, WNA 29 Bearish Return Fat Bike, WNA 30 Squashing The Moser Fat Bike, WNA 31 Rollin Fatties up Blackmore, and now WNA 32 Rollin Fatties up Olsen.

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