Springtime Reflections

Battleground in 2020 is what I can say has never changed. The weather is battling spring, with the weather usually winning.
Whispering “things” to my bike like back in 2012
Posting to social media and hoping for some interesting followers like back in 2010
Used to have some good rides back in 2008 but lately those have gone away. Now it is just trying to survive a ride.
No where to go just like back in 2006.
Spectating the weather instead of cool races like back in 2004.
Or … sucker-holes instead of cool event again in 2004.
But, what am I grateful for? I mean this post is getting depressing looking back at good times compared to what we have now. Maybe time inside to do bike maintenance.
How about family, good things, while we can. Trying to keep it positive.
I appreciate lessons learned.
One has to appreciate the beauty of winter.

Your Thoughts

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