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From the race

I am writing from the Pintler Road Race. I have already got some pretty great photos. The setting is absolutely beautiful and the pelaton has passed twice. i have spent my day driving around just ahead getting shots of the race. I have never been to the big tour but there is something special and exciting being high in the mountains watching a road stage in a road bike race. This is something I would of never experienced living in the East. The climbs that i have been on today watching the race is very intimidating. I wonder if I could endure such monsters. I cant wait to try.

I sit here now waiting for the Pro leader to come into view far down in the valley. I keep checking through my zoom on my camera for the flashing lights and the motorcycles that proceed such an event. From here I will try to stay ahead 1000 feet at a time in front of the leader trying for that great racing picture. This last climb is beautiful. Switchbac after switchback and at the top is this waterfall and lake. Stunning stuff. In the end they will have climbed 7200 feet.

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