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Perma Road Race Today

Good morning. It is out the door for another stage in the ECOLOGY CENTER CLASSIC 2004. I am going to the Perma Road Race this morning. It is part of a big stage race here in Missoula. I am hoping for some pictures. Yesterday was a hoot, except for the rain. It was exciting. I have never been in the BIG TOUR but this was very exciting. Waiting high in the mountains waiting for the leaders to snake their way up to yourself.

The following is from the organizations website


Saturday, May 29, 2004

The road race is held on scenic, smooth, remote country highways with few cars. The course will be challenging for all, with two category three climbs per lap along with some rollers and sections that are as flat as a billiard table. Thanks to lots of support from the Montana State Highway Patrol and the Sanders County Sheriff”s Department for this race, this is a very safe and fun race. The course is a 52 mile loop–Elite Men will ride the loop twice, everyone else will do one lap.


See the race bible for complete list of start times.

It takes about an hour to drive to the start from Missoula; please plan ahead to get there on time. There will be packet pickup at the start line from 8 -10:00am for those travelling from the west or north on Saturday morning; we strongly encourage you to pick up packets Friday evening in Missoula and come to the $5 pasta feast.


The race starts near the hamlet of Perma (intersection of Highway 200 and Route 382). From the start, the course follows the Flathead River on Highway 200. At the town of Plains, the route goes right on Highway 28. Soon thereafter, riders will encounter the first climb, a four mile climb with an average gradient of between 4 and 5%. The course continues northeast on Highway 28 to Route 382. Riders will make a hard right on 382 and immediately begin the second climb. This one is about 2 miles long with an average gradient of between 7 and 8%. From there riders descend about two miles and then begin the final stretch to the finish line which will be on Route 382, about 0.5; mile from the intersection of Highway 200. The scenic beauty of this course cannot be overstated!

The Elite Men will have a neutral feed about three miles after the top of the four mile climb on Highway 28 on each lap (at about 31 miles and 81 miles). No neutral feed will be provided for other packs, but feeding will be allowed in the designated zone.


From Missoula, take Interstate 90 to Highway 93. North on Highway 93 to the town of Ravalli and Highway 200. West on Highway 200 to Route 382. Right on 382 for about 0.25; mile, cross Flathead River and look for sign-in area. All others consult a map.


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