Thoughts on November 9th

Is it really helpful to put your thoughts down on a keyboard and on the screen? Is it the same as writing them out by hand? I ask because I am forcing myself to come up with thoughts right now. I always thought I should spend a portion of the day being creative, and this is my outlet. I have also tried videos and photos. I enjoy photos the most, but words seem to flow easier. But is it helpful?

It is nice to look back on previous posts and reflect. I am not big on gratitude journal entries but this is my way of being thankful. I have some great memories on this day in previous years. Let’s see:

Last year was pretty exciting as our fridge showed up. In 2018, we were in a new romantic relationship with Livingston. Even in 2012, I was considering video. 2010 was my first Frog Hollow win. In 2006, I was feeling the same as this year, but probably because of Insomnia.

Long dark climb.

2005 I THOUGHT I enjoyed biking in snow and was having trouble with the lack of light this time of the year. 2004 was the first time I posted on this day in the past and was having relationship issues.

So I will say it. I am grateful to have these memories and also to have a log to remeber them with.

Your Thoughts

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