Dear Friend,

The weather has turned cold and just going outside isn’t so enjoyable. That is important because job hunting involves continuous outdoor activity. This morning I went to A2Z Temp Services for an interview and noticed the cold. The job I was going in for was gone.

I have updated my resume submittial timeline to reflect my activity. I am afraid that I am re applying and getting all the job opportunities mixed up.

I want to speak a moment about something that is affecting me negatively. I have a friend that seems to be uninterested in being a friend anymore. Maybe it is because everyone is scared, Ill call them up to borrow money. Here are some thoughts mostly sparked by a recent read of mine.

In our best relationships, there are periods where one person takes part more than the other. This is normal. However, as a permanent way of participating in relationships, it leaves one feeling tired, worn out, needy, and angry. Everyone must learn to take part a reasonable amount, then the relationship finds its own life. Are we doing all the initiating? Are we doing all the calling? Are we doing all the giving? Are we doing all the waiting, the hoping, the work?

I am, and I should just let go. If a relationship is meant to be, it ill be. It will become what it was meant to be. I will not help things by controlling it. So then this friend of mine I say, have a good day. That’s it, no more effort. I have realized that it is all me. Just because you put in effort when you can only mean you are taking advantage of me. Don’t be hurt when I respond no more. I am going to take care of myself and accept what and how things really are.

Today I will stop doing all the work in my relationships.

Your Thoughts

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