Does it get any worse?

Last night around 9p.m. someone started moving in upstairs. Ten o clock came around and they were still moving in. I wanted to go to bed but it was too noisy. I started listening to a Stephen King book and suddenly I started chocking and sneezing. My apartment was filling up with smoke. Someone upstairs was blowing smoke into the air intake for the heating system. I duct taped all the vents and opened the windows. Keep in mind it is 20 degrees out. I didn't get to sleep until 4 a.m. and now my clothes and my apartment smells like I am a smoker. So I ask you, does it get any worse than this?

I just posted last nights dream in my Dream Catcher blog. Weird that I always dream about lost love. Today I have another interview with yet another temp agency. I just had oatmel and coffee and must now get a snapping. I really wish that ] will call me and offer me a job.

Your Thoughts

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