Hello from Missoula Montana. It is cold and dark outside. Inside it is cold as well but nothing a little cooking will not fix. I have been up since 2 am with no explanation why. I just woke up thinking about work etc. and was not able to fall back asleep. I think the biggest downfall is falling asleep on the couch watching TV. I think the new rule is to keep the feet on the floor until at least 9 then hit the sack.

John Tester has won the big election here in Montana but what I find thee most interesting is that Conrad Burns refuses to acknowledge and step down. Just give it up buddy!

I haven't blogged for a while and have no excuse for that either. It has been raining here in Missoula so I have been hiking and just last night was able to get out for a night ride. tonight is the Thursday Night Group ride so sleeping after work is not an option.

This weekend I have a cyclocross race in Helena and it will be the last time I travel to a race this year. Time to gear up for thanksgiving and Christmas travel. I am hoping to go to Aunt Paula's for Christmas. It is much closer than driving all the way to Yuma to see mom and dad.

Well I better get myself to work. A hard day is upon me and with a little faith I will make it through.

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