Hanging at the Coffee Shop

Break EspressoHello from the Break Espresso! It is pouring outside and even though I do see some clear spots in the sky it is just not a good time to be out cycling at this time.

Hey does any one remember that rule about titles?The one where you leave some items capatalized and some in lower case. If you know this rule please contribute. I have decided to come to my home away from home to play on the web site a little more and possably do some photo stuff.

Marcy and I stayed up late last night parting hard and working on some web site stuff. I had a can of Double Haul and Marcy had the biggest giant dog biscuit in Missoula. I awoke this morning in a panic. I felt something had to be done today and that i had no choice. I felt so stressed out i almost did not get up. After I woke up a little I realized that it is the weekend and i can do anything I want.

So here I am enjoying a lemon scone and a cup of joe.

breaking away t get another cup

Ok! I am back. The line is quite large but I know my way around so I helped myself. Except for the wireless going down on a daily basis this is quite the hang out.

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