Happy Bike-Pack-iversary


When we met. Our second and significant Meetup was a bike-pack. It is where we fell in love.

view obtained by pedal

Since then we have pedaled past many an alpine lake.

The path ahead

And I am sure there will be many more. Thank you for the many travels and here is looking ahead down the singletrack into the future.


May we find a new adventure and share them together? The essence of happiness. At least for me.

Making it work

Bike packing to van camping. We have it all.

and the view … well

The view from US is beautiful, and one that I hope that everyone gets to experience.

right behind

I love the fact that when I stop riding and turn around you are right there. And just as many times in front leading the exploration. Finding fresh adventures.


Cheers my love. I raise a IPA to you.

Your Thoughts

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