Living Livingston

On the bench

Another day of work and I am fried. Trying to get a deadline sewed up. The only thing I can muster is a bike ride. I get Orca out and go for a toot.

A morning walk in the smoke

The next day I drag myself out of bed and make some coffee. When the bean perks me up I code. I work until I run into a snag. I need to think. Time for a morning walk. I take a 30 minute break to stretch the legs.

Orange Sacagawea

It’s smoky out so after the sunrise show is over, so is my walk. I go back to work and code until I start to flatline.

The rich people have a great seat for coffee

I wake up the next day in a stupor. This time it takes two cups of coffee today. I start work with half a brain. Will this project ever end?

Will we ever climb Livingston Peak?

Gosh, I better get out for a walk. I don’t like the trend. And bike tonight. I don’t feel the same when I miss bike rides.

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