Harriman State Park


To see something new, you must cross a bridge. For coming from what you know to the other side is the journey to something new.

Too see oneself

It was Suggles’s idea. To go check out the state park. I was like, oh whatever. I had a rowdy day yesterday, so whatever. Some restful spinning might do the trick.

Nice spinny type of day

That is where you usually find me. Tagging along with someone’s hair brain idea just because I am exhausted from something I did the day before. When I have enough gumption, I am usually off to play in an activity that no one wants to join in on.

Going with the flow today

So there I am … going with the flow. And then it hits me. Wow, this is living. Why do I hurt myself to miss a relaxing day like this?

Which way?

I get ripped from my wonderful stupor so I could take part in a discussion on where we are and where we are going. My reply is, “whatever, just being out here with you is all I need”.

Catching deer

“Ah, that’s sweet”

New family

Yea, today I crossed that bridge. I have crossed many bridges. Tomorrow I’ll forget where I am and go searching again.

Your Thoughts

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