The Eye of Snuggles

Insects and plants is her passion

Snuggles, AKA Mo. Or is it the other way around? And I am Cuddles, right? Only friends will know. I am impressed with the latest surge of images coming my way from Mo’s phone. What an eye.


Bees are her favorites …

And flowers

Also plants. And not just flowers. She knows all the “parts” and can identify anything. This knowledge is why she can capture images in such a way that they are fresh. Perspectives that I never experienced.


Remember those photos of people in National Geographic? Some show humanity and passion. And some show of horror. These are the feelings I get when images come from her while she is working the Park.


And not only while working, which is how she gets exposed to so many natural things. Her back porch is a bivvy of natural exposures.


So back to work for me. I can’t wait for another photo to come to me on my phone.

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