A Burger and a Walk in the Bearthooths

A after dinner walk in your jams

What does a power couple do after a grand adventure? Well, besides crack a cold one almost immediately. Oh yea, and after a nice shower outdoors.

Yummy water

Start the grill and cook up the biggest burger to date. And in the Beartooths you just have to meander off the bench to find a place to walk No need for a sidewalk or path. Just set fourth.

Grass lit up by evening sunshine

You can not deny that the last rays of sunshine really set up the landscape for optimal viewing.

Love grass and waters edge contrasts

We meandered through this evening to a lake called Chain Lakes. I had been admiring a grassy edge for two days now and wondered what it was all about. Tonight we would check it out and it excited me for sure.

Mo studies waters edge

It was interesting how from above it totally looked like a marsh and wetlands. We didnt expect to get that close to the shore. But it worked out that we could wander around without too much wetland encounter.

Sun setting on the grass

What is interesting is that the spot I was looking forward to was not the gem of the walk. It was cool. But the other items found along the way were so cool.

Sunset in the Beartooths

And I am not including the exquisite sunset either. No, there were sub-ponds and springs. Laden with color and life. There were birds and little critters.

Beautiful ecosystem

The coolest were the little things. The little ecosystems and floating lands of wonder. IF you just got down and looked at the little worlds. If one could just shrink themselves down there would be so much more to explore.

A burger and a walk

Standing up, I realize that in the universe it is already that way. So much to explore. Gotta love the burger and a walk.

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