Getting Things Dialed

#buttonsthevan is coming along with a better bike mounting situation in the garage. We have learned that the most frustrating thing with living in a van is the bike situation. It HAS to be easy to put them away and get them out. Things like pedals and damage caused by traveling has us pulling out our hair. Nothing matters if we are bike unhappy so I have given priority to the bikes. Maximum room on the sides to prevent the pedals from snagging on EVERYTHING. And nothing rubbing. Protected with a lock. Now we have to dial the wheels in.

Then is the sleeping area. I am 6’2” and I need to stretch out. CHECK! We yanked out the wayfarer van’s walls and put in removable foam covers. Lighter. No more wood grinding the side of the van. And best of all, I can stretch my toes until I cramp.

For Mo the park is back to traffic jams and for me I am dialing into summer mode. Ride more… basically.

Your Thoughts

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