Eagle Creek

Mo was out looking around while I was perching above a cactus flower.


I heard Mo’s words, and my heart dropped. No more photo of the day for me. She had found a Bitterroot. So rare to find, really. Not because it is rare, but its flowering window is so small and it only grows in specific places. The last time I saw one is in the Bitterroot just below Missoula back in the day. I missed seeing Bitterroots. I ran over to check out her finding.


As a marmot ran off because of my sudden movement across the knoll, it came into sight. Sure enough, a Bitterroot.

“Nice find…”, and after a moment I turned back to the van. Time to ride. This day would be exceptional.

We climbed North of Gardiner through heavy sage and exploding wildflowers. At the edge of some aspen the shade was a welcome addition. Sure we like the sun and everything but the climb was so out in the open our necks showed signs of color. Above the Aspens were ponds and wolf tracks and an expansive road that seemed to get nearer and nearer to the Wilderness as the day wore on.

The climbing never stopped, and we spent an hour deciding on which trail to head up. I always bucked for “UP”. Suddenly I came to the end of the road and turned around.

Where was Mo? I took some photos and still no Mo. She had had enough and headed back. After a ten-hour day at work she was thinking a cold beer and a book in the van was a better choice.

For me, I pretended I was in an Enduro World Series and bombed the downhills – https://ridewithgps.com/segments/1131944-davis-creek-dh. The Eagle Creek Ride is a keeper, and best thing is that one could start from town.

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