Introvert Exceptions

I can usually convince myself to attend a picnic if there is a bike park in the neighborhood. And also if there is a once in a chance to meet up with long-lost family.

I must explain that Mo and I are introverts, so if we spend the week at work with other humans we want to be alone on the weekends. Otherwise we go postal the next week. The only way to keep sanity is to avoid crowds on the weekends.

But there are exceptions. Like a sister from Texas and nieces and nephews from Missouri. And a rare visit to Billings Montana to see the parents. And with exceptions, we need to insert the bike rides.

We could do both, one day at Action Bike Park and one in Billings. And the following week at work was no enormous deal. We feel refreshed as ever. It is nice to see people once in a while, right?

Your Thoughts

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