Survival Day

I can not tell you how many online battles I can look back at and wonder how I reacted is such a way. One thing does stands out. It is always on a Monday. So years ago Mo and I sat down and created a rule for Monday. Just survive. Just survive and make it through Monday. Talk to no one and don’t start any shit online. Answer questions, yes. But hide under a rock and endure.

I feel Mondays are a readjustment back to reality. Where you HAVE to work. It requires you to be somewhere. You have lost your freedom. You can not just go out for a ride.

It all reminds me of a recent stint at Action Bike Park. It was 107 degrees that day and all I wanted to do was to be riding. But to do so would have been my demise. So I took a run and then rested in the shade. Took time, had a drink. Rested. I just survived.

Before long I could stand back up and go out for another lap… another run. Just survive, if something needs doing, do it tomorrow. Take a break and adjust. Live for another day.

Your Thoughts

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