Appreciate Spring

Well, here’s a bitch for ya. Maybe it is more appreciation than bitch or even a bitchy appreciation. So I’m sitting here doing my daily constitutional as a bluebird sings outside. And I think to myself how much I appreciate spring. The returning birds … Robbins, Bluebirds, and the like.

Here it is. Wow, how nice spring is. How nice? Nice enough that I can’t help but appreciate it. And now I want to savor every tiny second of this moment. But then I think to myself about how last year I was able to appreciate every moment and every second. Seriously, I can remember every second. There weren’t many I admit. But I do remember. I remember warmer bird singing weather and count them on my cold freezing digits.

OK, what’s the rub? As much as I would like to appreciate spring. I know spring is only a moment. The majority of the year is hell winter. Rainy and angry. Mother nature hating the human population. Don’t get me started how she is now going to set things right.

Wow. I wish there was much more appreciation than these tiny precious seconds of happiness. I do appreciate though.

Your Thoughts

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