The death of weight weenie

Maybe it is all the snow and the inability to do a REAL bike ride. You know … on the dirt. Right? But then again I love fat biking. So I am not blaming snow and cold. But this week I have had two metal breakdowns. I am fed up with something.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
A fresh couple inches fell last night

So I always get the lightest equipment that will stand up to my punishment. Why, because I am stuck in the cross country strength to weight ratio rut. No more! I have spent more money on light-weight parts failures then I have on healthcare. And to top it off this shit is more expensive. I have wasted most of my life with this concept. I call total bullshit on that paradigm. Light crap ends in mental breakdowns.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Thats fresh powder biking in case you did not notice

Everyone is sick of snow right now, but I know some of my best times have been peddling along with a heavy fat bike into fresh powder adventures. It’s not the snow. It is the short summer and the failed precious days due to light bike part failures. So that is it. I am sick of light part failures. Why would someone pay a hundred dollars for the so called best tires and then end up walking when they fail. And slog home in the wet snow because they fail and fail again? I am setting a brand new set of … 500 gram … Schwalbe tires on the curb tonight. HashTag rip-off! I am turning my back on weight weenie crap and the people that still believe in it. I want to reform. I will start by ordering a set of heavy, more economical, durable, and fun … 900 gram … options.

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