Three Aproaches

Physical therapy has it’s benefits.  Mostly benefits, maybe a couple downfalls. Like not having time to relax or express oneself in a blog. But benefits abound. For me getting stronger has sparked an exploratory flame where I now want to climb mountains and ride my bike off of them. Right now, while I can, I want to fly. Why hold back because I don’t have the skill or am scared to get hurt. Shit … I’m doing it. Because someday I might have more hurdles. But for now my number one goal is to stand and reach for the sky. Or PT as they call it.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
We named him bikram

Since learning more about the dizzies I have made some modifications, you know, just in case one of the many possible causes is brought on by food. Like processed meats for their histamine. Or cheese and wine for their tannins. Or alcohol for their … well … for being a poison. Cut these out and knock on wood, I have felt pretty solid most of the time. Who am I kidding? If history repeats itself I will wake up with the dizzies one day.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Oh no bikram, hang in there

But I am ready, in fact excited. Because when it does I can go into a specialist and they can get some more clues. Number two goal I wait for clues and stay away from the yummies.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Bikram is down!

Neurology tests will narrow it down while I wait for symptoms to resurface. So thirdly I do tests. Other than those I do enduro. If I crash into a tree and end up on the ground then it was on my own terms. Not some disconnection in the head or past injury. Go for it while I can. And in the end, when it is all over, I will have done it all. Well at least as much as I could.

So I say to you go all out and make sure if you crash it is truly spectacular. And do it well so that you don’t have to deal with the injuries due to a half assed attempt.

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