Busy fat biking … and stuff

Wow, it is so hard to get it all in. And some things just fall off the todo list. Like blogging.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Hyalite Lake

Oh no! Adventure has not been affected. Specially fat biking into cabins. One must adventure. But now I have a couple things added to my daily routine. This includes specialist visits and the resulting rehab sessions. Right now I do a morning session and a evening session to try and fix my back. Then add to that the investigations into the dizzy.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Mo approaches the cabin as the sun gets low on the horizon.

It all adds up leaving me with no time to express. Just fat bike to cabins. And rebuild. Plus dream. And plan. Things like doing a enduro race.

Maxy Cabin Weekend
Our summer was short, about a week, and now as the snow begins to fall and the winter of 2017 begins.

No, not endurance mountain biking. Or endurance-go-to-cabins-on-my-fatbike stuff. Just the opposite. You know … because it is the best way to train the brain for balance. Trees whizzing by and mock 10 and big rocks to jump off of to get that open space feel.  How does Mo feel about this? Don’t know … she just showed up on her fatty.

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